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Powerful and decisive dispute resolution for enterprises

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A smarter way forward

Open What is Guided Resolution and why should I use it? section Open What is Guided Resolution and why should I use it? section What is Guided Resolution and why should I use it?

Conflict is a pervasive part of life. Guided Resolution’s web-based portal seeks to transform the way in which it can be managed between disputing parties quickly, at a low cost and in a spirit of cooperation designed to achieve a win/win outcome that both sides can live with.

Our conflict management tool can be used in a range of contexts and seeks to shift the reliance away from costly external institutions (such as tribunals and courts) that can be foreign and uncomfortable environments for many people who would generally prefer to resolve disputes themselves.

A self-help alternative that is easy to access and use can empower people to pursue early, pre-action resolution which can decrease polarisation and preserve relationships, contributing to a reduction in the overall costs associated with conflict.

Open Why address conflict early? section Open Why address conflict early? section Why address conflict early?

Conflict is almost always easiest to resolve before positions becomes locked-in. A metaphor often used is that of an iceberg whereby one’s stated position represents the visible tip yet, hidden beneath the surface are many contributing factors such as history and emotions.

Good communication is essential to conflict resolution. People often need help to slow down and think about their disputes in different ways. They need guidance on identifying the issues and stumbling blocks to be negotiated.

Negotiations conducted in the spirit of voluntary self-help can bypass the need for mediation services unless absolutely necessary and prevent positions becoming further entrenched over time.

The longer a dispute continues, each party will find reasons to blame the other, become more convinced of their own righteousness, and forget that there are almost always two sides (and sometimes more) to any dispute. This sets up an environment whereby parties compete believing that their goals are incompatible.

Early intervention helps minimise the impact of harmful misconceptions and biases that prevent people from finding a future-focused outcome that meets the mutual needs and interests of the parties. Often the result is considerable cost and the complete destruction of relationships, even if the relationships were valuable before the dispute occurred.

Open How can the Guided Resolution platform save time? section Open How can the Guided Resolution platform save time? section How can the Guided Resolution platform save time?

There’s no need to attend a physical meeting, speak extensively to the other party, or involve a qualified third-party with the Guided Resolution mediation process. Our platform is scalable to any volume. Guided, online engagement is available around the clock, allowing parties to participate in their own time and go at their own pace.